Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Kitchen Cabinet Painter.   SAVE $$$ thousands of dollars in kitchen renovations. Paint oak cabinets and vanities to look new again.

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Prince George Kitchen Cabinet Painter

Prince George kitchens cabinet painter

kitchen cabinet painting

Are you thinking about renovating your kitchen, buying new cabinets?

These 20 year old oak kitchen cabinets were transformed into beautiful modern looking in less than a week.

The typical kitchen cabinet profile for repainting

Oak | Maple | Fir | Mahogany | Pine | Thermal Foil | MDF

If your cabinets are in good shape, but just old and dated looking, you don't need to replace them.  This is where cabinet painting fits practically anyone's budget.  Repainting them will put budget money towards a new counter top, flooring, appliances, down payment etc. Professionally spray painted cabinets look great and are a fraction of the cost of new cabinetry. SAVE THOUSANDS!

  • Kitchen renovations, one week start to finish.
  • Affordable home improvements that increase the value of a home.
  • No removal of cabinets from walls, (cups, dishes etc do not need to be removed).
  • No dusty construction (there is very little disruption to your kitchen).
  • Hundreds of colour choices to choose from.

Old cabinets restored to look and "feel" brand new (see the difference)

PAINTING Guys, smart, affordable kitchen renovations. Save tens of thousands of $ dollars required to buy new kitchen cabinetry. Call the PAINTING Guy now!


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